August 29-September 1, 2021, Edirne, Turkey

File:NEW.jpg - IVAO - International Virtual Aviation OrganisationOur AGRIBALKAN 2021 Congress Abstract Book and Full Proceedings Book is uploaded  

File:NEW.jpg - IVAO - International Virtual Aviation OrganisationOur Congress Program: AGRIBALKAN 2021 CONGRESS PROGRAM


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Thank you for great interest to our AGRIBALKAN 2021 congress even in Covid 19 pandemy. There is a worldwide participation from 41 countries with 406 papers contributed by 988 authors. Our AGRIBALKAN Congress will be organized with 288 oral, 118 e-poster presentations.

AGRIBALKAN will be organized in August 29 - September 1st, 2021 virtually and with normal participation in controlled conditions. However, if travel restrictions and some limitations for meeting still continue due to COVID-19 situation, the congress could be combining with limited normal participation and online because organizing commitee always considers firstly the health, safety, and security of conference attendees as its top priority. 

Our congress will be organized by Trakya University with supports of Trakya Universities’ Union, Balkan Universities Association, Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Çanakkale Onsekizmart University, Turkey, Uludag University, Turkey, Agriculture University of Plovdiv, Trakia University-Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece and with contribution of other Balkan Institutions.

The conference will be held at the Balkan Congress Center, in Edirne, Turkey. First congress was organized in 2014 again in Edirne, Turkey with over 700 participants. Our congress is a premier international science, technology and business forum focusing on Agriculture. The technical sessions will highlight keynote and invited speakers and volunteer oral presentations.

With care for our nature and environment, we aim the green congress, meaning that as little as possible papers will be used. Abstract book will be published in electronic book and will be distributed to the participants on flash memory stick. All the e-posters should be prepared in electronic form and then submit via the conference web page and will exhibit in electronical poster boards during the congress.

Each participant could join up to two papers with one paid participation fee.

The congress is an international congress and is suitable Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) criteria both for Associated Professor and also Academic Promotions for Turkish academicians

Upon your request, the full papers will be published in Full Paper Congress Proceeding Book or International Indexed Scientific Journals based on your preferences.

Our Congress Abstract and Full paper Proceeding Book will be published CAB Abstracts after the congress.

The online participants with paid conference fee will be able to access all the virtual presentation talks in each session, as well as to visit the virtual poster hall via preliminary provided participant ID and codes.

The selected abstracts will be published in the Conference Abstract and Proceedings Book. Participants might send us their full papers, which based on their preferences will be published either in our Conference Abstract and Proceedings Book or in selected International Indexed Scientific Journals.

The attendees will have ample opportunities for learning, reconnecting, engaging and networking with colleagues from academia and industry as well as meeting with various exhibitors.

The official preferable language of the conference is English but it is acceptable for Turkish, French and Russian for presentationsHowever, please keep in mind that all the submitted abstracts and full papers must be in English only. 

See you in our congress.


Prof. Dr. Erhan TABAKOĞLU

Rector of Trakya University

Honorary Chair of Congress

Prof Dr Yalcin KAYA

Head of Organizing Committee


Trakya University, Edirne TURKEY               

Trakya Universities Union, TURKEY

Balkan Universities Association, TURKEY

Agriculture University of Plovdiv, BULGARIA

Çanakkale Onsekizmart Univ., Çanakkale, TURKEY

Tekirdağ Namık Kemal Univ., Tekirdağ, TURKEY 

Trakia University, Stara Zagora, BULGARIA 

Democritus Univ of Thrace, Orestiada, GREECE



Kırklareli University, Kırklareli, TURKEY

Karnobat Agricultural Research Inst., BULGARIA

Uludağ University, Bursa, TURKEY

Sadovo IPGRI Agric. Res Ins, BULGARIA

University of Agriculture of Tirana, ALBANIA

Inst. of Physiology & Genetics, Sofia, BULGARIA

University “Fan S. Noli”, Korce, ALBANIA

Ins. Mount. Stockbreed. Agric, Troyan, BULGARIA

University of Sarajevo, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA

Dobroudja Agric. Res Ins, BULGARIA

Univ. of East Sarajevo, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA

Agricultural Research Inst, Osijek, CROATIA

University of Zagreb, CROATIA

Scientific Tobacco Inst., Prilep, MACEDONIA

Agricultural Academy of Bulgaria, BULGARIA

Fundulea Agric. Res. Ins, Bucharest, ROMANIA

University of Forestry, Sofia, BULGARIA

Agricultural Inst. of Slovenia, SLOVENIA

Sofia University, Sofia, BULGARIA

Inst. Field & Vegetable Crops, NoviSad, SERBIA

University of Ruse, Ruse, BULGARIA

Maize Research Institute, Zemun Polje SERBIA

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE

Trakya Agricultural Res. Inst., Edirne, TURKEY

Agriculture University of Athens, GREECE

Tekirdağ Viticulture Research Ins., TURKEY

University of Prishtina, KOSOVO

Atatürk Soil Water & Agric Meteor. Res. Ins, Kırklareli, TURKEY 

State University “Haxhi Zeka”, KOSOVO

Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry of TURKEY

State University of Tetovo, MACEDONIA

Bulgarian Seed Association, BULGARIA

Ss. Cyril & Methodius Univ. Skopje, MACEDONIA

Hellenic Sci. Society for Plant Gen. & Breeding, GREECE

St. Clement Ohrid Univ. of Bitola MACEDONIA

Serbia Seed Trade and Plant Breeders Assoc,

Academy of Agricultural Sciences, MOLDOVA

Turkish Seed Union (TURKTOB)

University of Montenegro, MONTENEGRO

Plant Breeders Union of Turkey (BISAB),

USAMV University, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Turkish Seed Industry & Producers Union (TSUAB)

University of Novi Sad, SERBIA

Turkish Plant Breeders Association (TUBID),

University of Belgrade, SERBIA

Turkish Seed Industry Association (TURKTED),

Agricultural Academy of Science, BULGARIA

Governorship of Edirne

Balkan Agrarian Institute, Sofia, BULGARIA

Trakya Birlik, Edirne, TURKEY

Joint Genomic Center, Sofia, BULGARIA

Edirne Commodity Exchange, Edirne, TURKEY

AGBIO Institute, Sofia, BULGARIA

Edirne Farmer Union, TURKEY

Institute of Genetics, Sofia, BULGARIA

Edirne Province of Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry of Turkey

State University of Tetova, MACEDONIA  




Agricultural Engineering

Aquaculture & Biosystems

 Animal Science

 Agricultural Biotechnology



Crop Production

Pest management

Plant Protection

Agricultural Economy

Environmental Science

 Food Science


Genetic Resources and Conservation 

Plant Genetics

 Meteorological Science

Agricultural Mechanization

 Soil Science


Water and Land management

Water Science




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